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July 3, 2010


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HR questionnaires are meant to guide the organizations to test whether they have good Hr policies. This also helps them to understand their employees well. It increases the number of faithful employees because the motivation level of the employees is increased .In the modern competitive world it is very important to derive the maximum output from your present employees. So these questions can be very helpful.

Example of a HR questionnaire :

Indicate your answer by mentioning a simple YES or NO, beside the question given below:

1. Do you personally guide your employee so that they are more focused on their work? _________

2. Do you try to find out the weak points in the employees in your firm? ________

3. Do you try to reach the employees at their personal level, or do you motivate them about their future and prospects inside the firm? _________

4. Do you reward your good and regular employees properly? _________

5. Do you ever conduct an orientation program for your new comer employees? _________

6. Do you ever ask your employees the methods and means to improve their efficiency levels in their respective works? _________

7. Do you keep vigilance and track the Hr policies of the companies that provide you a tough competition? _________

8. Do you provide proper training to those employees who are not that skilled? _________

9. Do you have a good and regular supervision? _________

10. Do you provide proper group benefit programs to your employees in the firm? _________

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