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July 3, 2010


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These questions are those which are simply meant to amuse a test taker; they do not have any technical significance. These questions are not meant to make any judgment or any conclusion regarding the aptitude or nature of the person who is taking the test. They are made in a very light mood and sense. It should provide little bit amusement to the person taking the test. It should remove stress .

Below is a sample Fun Questionnaire

1.      Why is a boxing ring called ring, if it is square in shape? ___________

2.      What is the opposite of Dominoes; it is Do mi does not know___________

3.      If Quizzes are puzzling, then why to get puzzled? ___________

4.      Which ant is the largest (Elephant I guess)? ___________

5.  Why are doctors said to practice their profession, haven’t they done it well in college? ___________

6.      Why are sweets called sweets, when we already know that they are sweet? _______________________________________________________________

7.      Why does Donald duck never wear pants in the cartoon shows shown on TV, Did Walt Disney forget to make those or Donald duck forgot those in the dressing room? _______________________________________________________________________

8.      How does uncle scrooge manage to swim in solid money? I have tried it once, but failed_________________________________________

9. Why do scholars say that empty vessel sound much, I have so many at home; they never make a sound .Are these scholars making a fool of us, simply because we blindly believe in whatever these people say? _____________________________________________________________________________________

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