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July 3, 2010


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A financial questionnaire is that which consist of a collection of questions to check out the expenditure levels of an organization. It also aims at verifying whether the expenditures incurred are proper or not. This is basically to control the spendthrift nature of the organizations. The accounts department and the marketing department of the organization should cooperate to solve these questions.

Below is a sample financial questionnaire :

List of Sample Finance  Questionnaire for Marketers in an organization:

Name of the employee of the marketing department: _________________________________________________________

Employment Number of the employee: ____________________________________________

  1. Do you feel that your department is given enough funds to perform its functions? _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

If your answer is no, then what are you doing about it? _________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

If yes, explain the allotment to various sectors? ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

  1. In which area do you think is the maximum allotment done?
    1. Transportation
    2. Telephone Bills
    3. Others (mention it)__________________________________________________________________
  1. Explain the money allocation in the above chosen field____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________
  1. Suppose you get more funds, then what improvements can you do?


  1. Can you convince us that you can cause a tremendous increase in sales and profits if we allot you with more funds?

(Please justify your answer)



  1. According to you how much time will the above process of changes take?


  1. Generally all the departments make very big claims , how can you prove that you are functioning properly as per the company norms, justify your answer by giving examples._____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

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