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July 3, 2010


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The feedback questionnaire is a very effective tool in the modern times, for the companies to know the response of their customers. It is very important to know the likeness or disliking of the customers. Producing products and services is meaningless if your products do not satisfy your customers properly. So it is suggested that you conduct such a questionnaire on the customers and as per the feedback, you can make sales and development plans.

Below is a sample feedback questionnaire.

Q1. How do you rate our customer service?

a.)    Good

b.)    Average

c.)    Bad

Q2. Do you think our marketers are good?

a.)    Yes

b.)    No

Q3. How do you rate our quality?

a.)    Attractive

b.)    Normal

c.)    Repulsive

Q4.  Which product amongst others of our brand you think is the best?

a.)    Hair oil

b.)    Shaving cream

c.)    Tooth paste

d.)    Others(please mention)___________________________________-

Q5. Please suggest any improvements to the abovementioned product _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

Q6. Which way do you think you can best purchase our goods?

a.)    In large amount

b.)    In small amount

c.)    Not sure

Q7. Do you think that our products are easily available in almost every part of the country? ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

If you feel no, specify the location_______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

Q8. Do you think any of our products should be removed? __________

If yes, pleases specify the product and the reason for your answer_____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

Q9. List any new improvements that you would like us to incorporate into our products and services

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  1. WOW! nice questionnaire,, recently i have opened a small shopping center, the feedback questionnaire you have given here, is helping me to get the best of customer needs and increasing my sales too..thanks a lot to all of you, who are contributing their work and making this site.

    Comment by Sample Questionnaires — July 30, 2010 @ 10:30 am

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