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July 3, 2010


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An employment questionnaire is used by any firm or organization which is willing to test the employees during the recruitment process .It helps the employers to check the ability of the new recruits from all angles. The results of these questions are important for the firm because they are also used for future reference, and they can be used to warn the employees also. The questions are of such a nature that they analyze almost all aspects of the prospective employee to make sure that he or she is perfectly eligible for the job. It is maintained by the firm for future use, so that in case the employees do not meet the qualities they have mentioned , then they can be questioned in future .

Below is a sample employment questionnaire:

Present Date _________________________

Name of the candidate:____________________________________

Contact No. of the candidate:_________________________ __________

Social security No. (If applicable)____________________

Email id___________________________________________________________

Someone to contact during emergency _____________________

Do you own a vehicle (two wheeler or four wheeler)______________ If yes, mention the modelĀ  number_________


How many times a year do you stay absent from work?_______________________

Why do you remain absent____________________________________________?

Do you have any criminal case against you ____________________ If yes, please mention the crime_________________________________________________

What is your typing speed?__________________

Why do you think you are eligible for this job___________________________________?


Can you do overtime? _______________________________

How do you plan to meet deadlines, if given to you? ___________________________

How many times a week can you do extra work? ___________________________


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