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July 3, 2010


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Business questionnaires are those which are useful to access that how much a business has been successful in catering to the needs of its customers. They are particularly helpful to find out if the business is steadily improving or not. It can very well be used to find out both the strong and the weak points in the business.

Once this survey is done, the result can be used to implement the business in a new way. There can be improvements in various fields related to employee management, financial aspect management, customer management etc.

A sample business questionnaire :

Name of the organization:______________________________

Location of the organization:____________________________

To answer the questions below use 1, 2,3 or 4. Where 1 stands for complete disapproval and 4 means complete approval to the stated point.

  1. The managers of this organization have good planning regarding the near and far future ___________________________
  1. The organization is strictly following the prescribed business    plan_______________________
  1. The business is going in a positive direction______________________________
  1. The business has good gauging parameters _____________________________
  1. The business is showing a steady increase in the profit levels__________________
  1. The experts for sales forecasting are seldom wrong__________________________
  1. The customer interaction is being done regularly and is very satisfactory in terms of feedback ________________________________
  1. Every employee is well informed about the policies of the firm and everyone can be called as the brand ambassador of the firm____________________
  1. Every employee enjoys a salary which suits his skills and knowledge level well_____________________

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