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May 28, 2012

Sales promotion and brand equity

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As much as marketers keep on harping about the need of maintaining customer relationships and investing millions in establishing a favourable reputation for their brands, they can never turn a deaf ear towards the sales promotion part of the value chain. A sale is an attestation of the fact that the customers actually connect with the brand and trust in the proposition being offered. No wonders, sales managers enjoy handsome salaries owing to the fact that their efforts lead to cash flows in the company and hence play a vital role in the sustenance of the operations of the company.

Brand equity is the worth that the sheer name, symbol and logo, or any tangible or intangible pointer of the brand holds. Every effort that a company with a long term orientation makes contributes in different degrees towards creating the perfect perceptions in the mind of the consumers, hence contributing towards the strengthening of the brand equity. Brands like Coke and McDonald’s rank right at the top in terms of the brand equity. In fact, the value of these brands enables them to keep in growing and maintaining their top ranks in their respective industries.

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