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September 9, 2011

Questionnaire Template

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Are you familiar with questionnaire template? In simple words, it is a layout containing a format of questions which are organized in a manner that will help in getting maximum information from the respondents. There are different types of questionnaire templates like those meant for marketing a product or service, those which are meant for understanding the tastes and preferences of customers, those meant for answering the most lucrative career opportunities available today, and so on. The list is simply endless when we talk about the various types of questionnaire templates that are available online today.

A template is considered to be the main framework of a set of questions in a questionnaire and hence, a lot of attention should be given while preparing the questionnaire template. A wrong template might leave the respondent in a state of confusion and hence, the purpose of the questionnaire may not be fulfilled since the respondents may provide wrong answers without understanding the meaning of the questions. Also, make sure that the questionnaire is written in simple words so that the respondents do not find any difficulty in comprehending the questions.

So just go through the various questionnaire templates that are available online and select the one that will best meet your need.

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