Sample Questionnaire

February 14, 2012


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A questionnaire is defined as a series of questions which is used for a written survey or an oral survey. This survey is done to obtain some useful information from any individual about any topic. If the questionnaire is properly constructed and it is administered responsibly then it can become a very important tool to make statements about any group, some people or about the overall population.

The questionnaire or the surveys can be easily and wisely constructed with the help of some questionnaire templates which can be found on many websites. The questionnaire template which is available on the websites will provide you some instructions and information about the construction of any questionnaire. They will provide you the knowledge about how to put up the questions before any person and in which order. The best way of asking questions is from general to specific.

The process of questionnaire should also be done in a very gentle manner. This knowledge can also be gained from the questionnaire questions that the conversation must be casual and with some manner. You should not ask unneeded questions and keep the questionnaire process as short as possible so that you can gain the information in less time.

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