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February 14, 2012


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The basic definition of the questionnaire form is that it is a type of survey or you can say a type of research in which a series of questions are asked by any individual to gather some information about any point. The questionnaire is mainly designed for the purpose of statistical analysis. The invention of the questionnaire was done by Sir Francis Galton. Questionnaire forms is cheap type of surveys in which too much effort is not required. The questionnaire is usually done through the telephonic conversation or verbal conversation in order to get standardized response from any person. This process of questionnaire helps in easily compiling the data received from the persons.

There are different kind of Questionnaire form which exists on the website to provide the information about the idea of designing the questionnaire. Different questionnaire have different types of questions. Open format questions are one of them. These types of questions give an opportunity to the audience to express their views in a better way. In these types of questions the existence of the predetermined response are removed in order to make the responders free to choose their own answers. The qualitative types of questions come under the open format questions.

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