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May 28, 2012

Leadership questionnaire

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A leadership questionnaire is a set of questions carefully designed, ordered and worded to gauge the presence or absence of parameters that define the quality of leadership in an individual. A leader is a magnet that can align the thoughts and actions of a huge mass of people into one direction. Leaders have shaped the world and entrenched their philosophies in the way the world thinks. A leadership questionnaire can prove to be useful in measuring the extent to which the properties of a leader are present in the subject.

Before designing a leadership questionnaire, the experimenter must try to enlist all the personality traits that define leaders. Then, these personality traits must be translated into observable behaviours which can be measured. At this point, the designing of the question becomes easy as the respondent is asked questions pertaining to his/her behaviours rather than abstract notions such as ‘responsibility’ and ‘aggression.’ For instance, a question such as “how often do you manage to complete a group task when in charge of the group?” is easier to be answered by the respondent than something as abstract as “how good are your motivation skills?” Situational questions are generally relied upon in designing leadership questionnaires.

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