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May 28, 2012

Design questionnaire

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The designing phase of the questionnaire is arguably the most sensitive and error prone part of the research. As you go about commencing the design questionnaire phase of the research, you’ve got to keep a few pointers in mind. These will allow you to direct all efforts in the right direction.

Before wording the questions, you’ve got to lay down as to what information you require from the respondents. Also, deciding upon the target audience is equally important as far as questionnaire design is concerned. Then, the design procedure requires you to decide as to how you’ll reach the audience. Online questionnaires and personally administered questionnaires are popular methods.

The content and wording of the questions in the questionnaire are considered thereafter. Ordering of the questions is also equally important. Repeated and confusing questions are bound to put the respondent off. The questionnaire preparation part requires a lot of time and effort.

There are so many ways to do things incorrectly that one has to be extra careful in this part of the design process. Ambiguous, conflicting and biased questions must be avoided at all costs. Once you are done with a questionnaire draft, you must pilot test it and make corrections before administering it to the target audience.

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